Mobile based enterprise ERPs

What is Mobile ERP?

Mobile ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning System build from the ground up for the mobile user. The main way of using the system is through a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet instead of location fixed computer.

Why enterprises needs Mobile ERP?

A good ERP should cover all business process but a typical EPR either its hosted in your office premises some times cannot cover your on ground resources or your mobility needs. Mobile ERP allows you to access and control at least some important part of your business right from the mobile.

We can discuss some cases here to elaborate this.

  • You are a CEO of a company and you are always busy. You just need some indicators on your cell phone which can indicate important aspect of your business which requires your attention. May at the end of a day just a quick sales information.
  • Some business are always require mobility for example product distribution management, pharmaceutical sales rep tracking, inventory management. You cannot take your computer every where you need smart solution as smart as your cell phones.

What are the benefits of mobile ERPs?

There are many benefits of Mobile ERPs we are discussing few here

Go true paper less:

Its very hard to go paper less company if you avoid mobile based solutions. With new emerging technologies and cloud systems in place its now much easier and also cost effective to go truly paper less

Offline support:

Mobile ERP can be develop in such a way that you can go completely in offline mode where internet is not a possibility. Once internet is available it can automatically push and pull data from app server.

Unlock more business process automation:

With Mobile covering more you can scale your business process automation to resources and departments where connecting to EPRs is not possible. Mobile apps can give missing power to your EPR systems.

Focused User Interface:

With mobile apps natural tendency to focus on necessary user interface provides enterprise effective way of collecting and pursuing information.

Easy to use:

Study shows that Mobile ERPs are easy to use and requires less training even if your staff is consisting of aged people. Touch is easier then type.

What are the scope of Mobile ERPs in Pakistan?

Pakistani business community is more interested in the solutions which can give them resource control. With employees uses their cell phones to push and pull information in to the system and built in tracking, navigation, calling and SMS system in place it’s a heaven for small business owners.

Mobile ERP development at Xtecsoft:

Xtecsoft as an expert mobile ERP developers provides expert services to create & integrate mobile apps to your existing ERPs. We follows a value-driven, iterative ERP software development process to deliver the highest quality Mobile ERP possible for yours specific environment and encourage clients to test ideas and diligently validate problems, solutions and market opportunities through early prototypes and deliverables.

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